Whitney Lake

Spiritual Director

Dave & Leslie Kenney

Hi.  My name is Dave Kenney and I love serving as the Director of Spiritual Development at Whitney Lake Bible Camp.  I also run the pre-camp training program, the Archery Skills program and help out in the tech booth during chapel times.  My wife Leslie is also involved in the camp – she oversees the Craft Skills program and is responsible for the daily cabin themes and inspections.  We met while ministering at a Bible Camp in Ontario and have been involved in a number of camps since then - in Ontario, BC, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Camp is simply the place to be.  We really enjoy serving at Whitney Lake Bible Camp.

Leslie and I are full-time missionaries with One Hope Canada (the same people who operate Whitney Lake Bible Camp).  When not at camp, we pastor the Mannville Community Church, oddly enough, in Mannville, AB.  As the Director of Spiritual Development for the camp, I am fully on board with One Hope Canada’s Purpose Statement which has two parts:  Presenting the Gospel and Discipling believers.  We are super excited waiting for this year’s camps.  

See you there.


Administrative Director

My name is Autumn Fritzler and I am very excited for the opportunity to serve as the administrative director for Whitney Lake Bible Camp. I have been involved with Whitney Lake Bible Camp for my entire life. I love all camps but Whitney Lake is especially dear to my heart as God has used the Whitney Lake ministry to draw me closer to him and to create and grow some of the most important relationships in my life. 

My husband Ethan and I ranch with both of our families and Ethan is very involved in the behind the scenes work at camp. We both strongly believe that the camp ministry is one of the powerful tools that God uses to do his work and are humbled at the opportunity to serve him in this way. We look forward to sharing Gods grace and love with all those involved in camp this summer and are excited to be a part of his work. 


Autumn Fritzler 

Ethan  & Autumn Fritzler
Ethan & Autumn Fritzler